Types of Content for Boosted Traffic & Engagement
Types of Content for Boosted Traffic & Engagement
February 17, 2021 / BY:admin
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Promoting content is a process of generating high-quality leads economically. Informative and useful content is the need of the hour; however, one simply can’t write down anything. When it comes to digital platforms, following are most utilized and shared forms of content. Let’s take a look –

Lead Magnet

Also referred to as conversion content, this is made with the intent of converting the reader to take some action, like taking a free online course, buying a product or signing up for a mailing list. The most vital facet of writing conversion content is to make sure that it is well written. It’s not sufficient to just mention a product or have a CTA button for users to sign up to a mailing list. The content within the post needs to be compelling and well-structured for it to be a proper conversion content. Buy Instagram Page Likes.


Many significant researches have revealed that majority of the viewers are visual learners, meaning they identify and relate with pictures better than written content. Readers not only enjoy just viewing at infographics; however, they also memorize the information contained in them. This makes it specifically impactful content for your article or newsletter. It is effective, well engaged, and is equally fun. Infographics are particularly impactful to convert research results; as statistics can be tough to read and remember. Buy Facebook Page Likes.

Educational Content

Educational content is very beneficial and audiences are more likely to visit your website or social media handle to repost the content as it has the maximum benefit users. This type of content works well in online shopping. Educational content can comprise of an assortment of video instructions on how to utilize the product, a video displaying the significant concerns of clients, or relevant books on training (for instance, how to care for jewelry, simple cooking recipes, how to arrange a treadmill etc.). Make sure that while writing educational content, keep the article lengthy (approx. 1500-2000 words) so that you cover up all the necessary information.

Success Stories & Case Studies

The advantages which story-telling has on engagement is well known, however the important part is that you also narrate a story. A good story structure must be inclusive of the following three steps –

  • Set-up: Where the scenario is placed and background information provided.
  • The Struggles: The protagonist faces a grave issue that they have to overcome.
  • Conclusion: The ultimate scene with a climax part, where the protagonist comes put victorious amid the hardships and gets a brand new sense of existence.

You might wonder why this is essential. It is important if you structure your content posts around narrating success stories of your existing consumers experiences; their ups and downs, the issues they faced and overcome – you will be able to motivate and inspire your audience. It will be relatable and they will feel the story on a much deeper level, sort of like with movies. The secret to narrating a success story is to keep the content believable.

Entertaining Content

Most content marketing endeavors are emphasized on either educating the audience or offering them help. While, that is equally important and a great thing – sometimes the audience is looking to just get entertained. Additionally, it is a good ice-breaker to strike up a conversation with your users and enjoy a hearty laugh together.

Content which entertains is usually humorous, often greatly shareable, and frequently is able to rapidly change an “organization” into a “group of people just like me.” This attribute of ‘just like me’ can be essential in developing trust and differentiating the loyal users from the random visitors. Content which has been created to entertain may not be directly related to your products/services, although when it comes to forming associations, it is highly appealing form viewer’s perception. it Buy YouTube Subscribers.

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